Mid-Atlantic Vintage Gate Trials 
No Muss, No Fuss, No Membership Required

If you would like to attend our June 27 event, please send us your name and class in the text boxes below so we can begin to compile a list of possible attendees.
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After heading-up MAVT and MAT for twenty years, I felt an alternative type of trials was needed, one in which you could decide for yourself just how much to challenge yourself, rather than have someone else decide just how hard or easy the sections are.  As an "old-schooler" I feel that life in general is getting more complicated and therefore more stressful, so my main ambition is to keep things simple, keep the atmosphere friendly, and most of all, let no one go home with an empty stomach after riding all day.

For 2021 we hope to have at least two events in Taylorsville, MD and there is a possibility of one in New Windsor, MD.  

These trials will be Vintage gate trials, and we will be providing rules and markers for these soon.

No membership will be required.  The entrance fee will be $5 per person and the sign-up fee will be $20.

Typical Release Forms will be signed at the entrance to the property, for adults, 18 years and older.

Minors will need parental or guardian permission to participate via the Minor Release forms provided by us at each event. 

Events will begin at noon and end at 4:00pm, with a riders' meeting shortly before the start.

There will be no DNFs.  Start and stop when you want and hand in your score.  Scores will be accepted up to 4 o'clock.

We will most likely have checkers. If they are not available we will have self-checking.  

We will feed you after the trial, basic summer picnic food, nothing too fancy.

At our first event, tentatively scheduled for June 27, we will have a special "Relics Riders" class for pre-1972 trials bikes.  These riders will sign up for free.

Other classes will be Vintage, for twinshock bikes with drum brakes and Post Vintage, for monoshock bikes with air-cooled engines.  Modern bike participation will be limited depending on the number of Vintage and Post Vintage riders.  They will sign-up in the "Open" class.

Since the focus is on having fun, riders will only sign up in the appropriate class for their motorcycle, not a particular line.  At day's end you will be able to see how you placed over all.  Scores will then be placed on this website.

The only requirement for your motorcycle is that it has "Trials" tires.

Riders will be required to wear motorcycle helmets and motorcycle (or equal) boots.  We don't want anyone getting hurt.

Sections will be designed for Vintage Class bikes and focus on providing gates for beginner and novice riders, as well as better riders.

A final note for now:  We decided to host these Vintage events to put the emphasis back in having fun riding, or just watching the riders.  We want you to challenge yourself as much or as little as you please and ride for as long or short a time as works for you.  We'll be providing more information about details of these gate trials very soon.  For more information, call or text Roger at 443-821-6154

Flyers and more information coming soon
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