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What's New for Mid-Atlantic Vintage Trials?
We are closing in on a new season and looking forward to riding weather again.  There are not many changes from the riders' perspective, but you will now see non-members in the standings during the season.  If any non-members join MAVT before the end of the season they will be eligible for a year end award.  If they do not join, they will be removed from the standings at the end of the season.  All members will need to finish six events in any one class to qualify for a year-end award.  They will also need to check at one event.   To determine placement we will add the points earned from your best nine finishes.  Riders under the age of 18 will need to fill out and submit the two minor release forms, found by clicking the above button, "2018 Event and Release Forms".   Once submitted, minors will not need to have the forms filled out for the rest of the season.  Membership for 2018 is still $20 for the season, whether you join at or before our first event, or at the last event.  Those wanting to join before the season starts can go to our "Join MAVT" page by clicking the button above.  If you have questions please contact me via email at usaoko@comcast.net or by phone at 410 635-6722.  That is a land line so it will not accept texts.  I'll post more information as we get closer to opening day at Candytown.

Sunday, April 8            Candytown MC @ Elizabethtown, PA
Saturday, May 5          White Rose MC @ Jefferson, PA
Sunday, May 20           R&T MC @ Shepherdstown, WV
June 2 and 3               OVBSAOC @ Toronto, Ohio
Sunday, June 10          Tricky Tryalers @ Millerstown, PA
Sunday, July 1            Black Ankle Trial @ Mt. Airy, MD
Saturday, August 4     OVBSAOC @ Toronto, Ohio
Saturday, August 25    SPOTR @ Dover, PA
Sunday, Sept. 23         Maryland Trials Riders @ New Windsor, MD
Sunday, Oct. 14         Twilight Farms @ Airville, PA
Saturday, Oct. 27       Durty Dabbers @ McElhattan, PA
Sunday, Nov. 4          Tri-State Trialers @ Centreville, DE

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Updated December 26, 2011
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As we all know, including Denny Varnes, things don't always go as planned.  This turn with small log and stone, had many riders in this position.
Updated February 14, 2018
Click To See the Current MAVT Rider Network Members
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Chris Hoffmeister,  Fifth Place Modern 1 Class
Daniel Brueckner, Fouth Place Modern 1 Class
Steve Burke, Third Place Vintage 3 Class
Sidney Burke, Second Place Modern 4 Class
Juris Milestone, Second Place Modern 3 Class
Eric McCurdy, First Place Modern 2 Class
2017 Series'  Trophy Winners at Candytown
Ray Donet Jr, Second Place Vintage 1 Class
Greg Myers, Fourth Place Vintage 3 Class
More Riders at Candytown
Ed Frederick, Ninth Place Vintage 3 Class
Al Walton, First Place Vintage 3 Class
David McHugh, Second Place Vintage 4 Class
Mike Musser, Fifth Place Vintage 3 Class
Wayne Bucklew, Eighth Place Vintage 3 Class
John Stark, Second Place Vintage 3 Class
Josh Packard, Sixth Place Modern 1 Class
Don Rohrbaugh, Sixth Place Vintage 3 Class
Ray Donet Sr, Fourth Place Modern 3 Class
Tom Phipps, First Place Vintage 4 Class
Devin Hightman, Third Place Modern 1 Class
Scott Merrick, First Place Modern 1 Class
Mike Hightman
Dana Winter
Paul Herman
Desi Herman
Chad Busswood
Jason Mankey
Mike Pool
Bill Keehn
Help me put a name to this rider
Help me put a name to this rider
Marshall Groover
Jeff Layer
Help me put a name to this rider
Bob Knapp
Travis Neel
Bob Litwin
Help me put a name to this rider
Tiara Glasby
More Coming Soon
Sonny Deitz
Zach Adam
Jamic Hightman
Jordi Trey
Bob Bilson
Paul Herman
Chad Busswood
Tom Kawecki
Tom Kawecki
Jeff Shaw
Kyle Stark
Eric Stark
Jim Hergenroeder
Karl Hoffmeister
Rich ???
Nick Fonzi
Denny Varnes