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What's New for Mid-Atlantic Vintage Trials?
Updated December 26, 2011
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This page was last updated: May 13, 2019
Will Myers takes on section #1 at White Rose.  Will is one of our top new Zero line riders.
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Click To See the Current MAVT Rider Network Members
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Photos From White Rose at the Bottom of the Page
Scores from White Rose are now posted, as well as updated standings and current membership.  I am changing the format for these from html to pdf.

1)  Minor Release forms for 2019 are now available from a PDF file.  Riders under 18 years of age will need their parents to sign one form, and minors have another form to sign.
    Minors DO NOT sign the adult waiver at the gate or at sign-up.  We encourage parents of minors (17 years old and younger) to download and fill out the Minor Release               Forms for all 2019 events so they need not fill out release forms at each event.  These forms can be sent to me as an email attachment before the season starts,                                  (midatlantictrials@comcast.net) or you can bring them to Candytown.

2)  Promoters/Hosts, remember that we have agreed to ease up on the one and two lines, while providing some harder "0" line splits for the new "Modern 0" class.  Our hope is        that this will encourage riders proficient on any line to move up a line, since we are decreasing the difficulty level between different ability lines. 

3)  Joining MAVT via this site by clicking the button above, before Candytown, will save you $5.00 and help to speedup sign-up at Candytown.  Membership fee for 2019 has gone     from $20 to $30, but is $25 if you sign-up online, here.

4)  Our Taylorsville event this year will be a "Gate Trial" to see how you like this venue.  Riders should read "What Our Gate Trial Will Be Like" to see how it will differ from our      normal events, and also differ from other gate trials.  Rules have been established to reward your good riding more than punish you for mistakes.  Sections will be laid out              similarly to our current sections, well marked and kept on the shorter side.  I'll post more information soon.

5)  The current, four Exhibition Classes will be rolled into two classes and renamed  "Modern Open" class and "Vintage Open" class.  These will be non-trophy classes.  Any            rider signing up in an Open class will be free to ride any given line in any section.  Within each section they will be scored as other classes.  Changing lines within a section           will result in a "5".

6)  Members will need to finish at least six of the thirteen events this season to qualify for a year-end award.  We will add the points earned from your nine best finishes to                   determine year-end placement.

7)  Lifetime membership will not be offered this season, but "Life" members will remain so at least through 2019.   Hopefully life membership will continue under new leadership       in 2020.

8)  Hosting clubs should be aware that for the Liability Insurance to be effective, all workers and club members eighteen years and older, as well as all non-minor participants in        the event, must sign the adult Waiver/Release form.   All of these forms must be signed by a witness with the date and location noted at the bottom of each form.  Failure to         do so may jeapordize having legal protection against any law suit due to injury, etc...  I will be posting the injury report forms ASAP on the "2019 Event and Release Forms"         page.


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