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This page was last updated: September 16, 2019
This photo of Chad Busswood on a 1979 Bultaco Sherpa T recently surfaced on Facebook.  It was taken at Taylorsville in 2014 when I believe Chad's TY250 had a flat tire, so he borrowed the Bul for the day.  Modified airbox and exhaust allowed use of a larger carburetor due to increased flow through the engine.  That coupled with an electronic ignition made this an excellent performer and Chad did well on it despite an old, hard tire.  Photo graced the 25 year anniversary MAVT T shirt.
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Click To See the Current MAVT Rider Network Members
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There are currently two Yamaha Trials bikes for sale here, one a TY175 and one a TY250.  Click the red button above for photos and information.

Here is the Flyer for our New Windsor event on September 22.  Johnny is looking for checkers.  You can call or text him at 410-984-5468.

Riding/practice is available weekends at my home in Taylorsville.  We currently have fifteen practice sections and are working on more.  Just give me a call at 410-635-6722 or 443-821-6154.

Greg Myers has volunteered to lead an organizational meeting in November to create a leadership structure for the future of Mid Atlantic Vintage Trials (MAVT). He welcomes suggestions and commitments ahead of time. Feel free to talk with him at trials events or reach him at myers.gm@gmail.com or phone and text 717-984-3711.

  Minor Release forms for 2019 are now available from a PDF file.  Riders under 18 years of age will need their parents to sign one form, and minors have another form to sign.
    Minors DO NOT sign the adult waiver at the gate or at sign-up.  We encourage parents of minors (17 years old and younger) to download and fill out the Minor Release               Forms for all 2019 events so they need not fill out release forms at each event.  These forms can be sent to me as an email attachment before the season starts,                                  (midatlantictrials@comcast.net) or you can bring them to any event.  Please note that some clubs are still asking for the Minor release forms at their event despite these forms       being already on file.  They are supposed to put this on their flyer.  My plan is to create a pdf file with all Minor Release forms I have received and make them available to             each hosting club.

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