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What's New For Vintage Gate Trials This Season
There will be no rider limit at our New Windsor event on April 11 and both Modern and Vintage riders are welcome.  ​Please note that the section marking at New Windsor will be a bit different.  Each section will be bordered by white tape with black polka dots.  Gates will use blue and red ribbon to mark, respectively, left and right sides of the gates.  We will post people at sections early to answer questions about marking and scoring.  
I have uploaded a video, showing Gate section #1 at Taylorsville, which will differ from the New Windsor event.  Gates in the distance are fuzzy, but close up ones show how gates are marked.  If you are not familiar with the Gate style of Trials, hopefully this will help you to understand this type of trial a little better.  Here is the  link:  https://youtu.be/6yZGv-zVUil     Preregistration is available for the June and September events since we will limit participation to around 50 riders.   Click on the "Waivers and Preregistration" button if you would like to print and sign the Waiver(s) ahead of time.  From there you can download waivers and preregister for the events.  For those of you unfamiliar with Gate style Trials, you can click on the bottom button to the left for an overview of our Gate Trials.  Basically, riders try to earn points, rather than keep from getting points, by attempting obstacles worth one or two points each.  With several "gates" or obstacles within each section, riders can select whichever gates they feel they can take on without footing, since once a rider foots in a section he/she is no longer able to earn more points in that section.  However, riders will keep points earned before they foot.   There will be eight sections and four loops.  Riders will sign-up in a class appropriate for their motorcycle (Relics-pre 1972, Vintage-Twinshock motorcycles with drum brakes, Post Vintage- Air-cooled monoshock motorcycles, and Open/Modern- All other Trials motorcycles).  At the end of the day you will be able to see your overall standing and how you compared to others in your class.  Rather than give trophies, we will feed everyone after the event.  Note: No food at New Windsor on April 11.

Here's what sign-up sheets will look like.  When you sign up you will be given a number for your headlight or plate.  Checkers will use that number to score you in each section.  Final scores will go onto the sign-up sheet and be available at the end of the day and later, on this website.

I will be available this winter for engine rebuilds and general maintenance on Bultacos in particular and other Vintage era trials bikes in general.  You can e-mail me at usaoko@comcast.net, or call me at 410-635-6722, or text me at 443-821-6154for more information.

I am trying to reduce my inventory of Bultaco and Yamaha Trials bike parts.  Contact me, Roger, at 443-821-6154 to learn what I have. 

For 2021 we will be listing schedules for local (east coast) trials events, but will not be posting results from other series.

We have added a page of Trials accessories for sale.  These include electronic ignitions, OKO carburetors, Betor Trials shocks, grips, Domino throttles, Tygon fuel hose, Dougherty and other levers, Renthal bars and more.  We will add more items as they are requested.  Click the "Trials Accessories" button To the left to see what we have.

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Johnny Brunnett on (one of) his trusty SWMs at Candytown in 2009.
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