So far we'll have at least one gate trial in 2023 and hopefully one or two more.  With scheduling getting more difficult all the time I'm tentatively going to have our Taylorsville event on May 28, which is Sunday during Memorial Day weekend.  I'd appreciate feedback as to whether this is liked or disliked.  I have nine new sections laid out that are technically challenging.  We will score your best three loops, so you can ride either three or four loops (or less if you so desire).  If you ride four loops we'll throw out your low scored loop.  If I can get enough volunteers we'll have checkers.  If not we'll have self-scoring.   If you plan to come to ride or check please text or email me (see below) so I can keep you updated on any changes.  The focus of this event is to have fun challenging yourself as much or little as you want.  I'll have some obstacles to challenge zero line riders as well as obstacles appropriate for all lower line riders.  I lay these out so typically 4 line riders can get about three points per section, 3 line riders about 5 or 6 points, 2 line riders about 7 or 8 points, 1 line riders about 9-10 points, and zero line riders should get max points in most sections.

Please note: Membership of any kind is not needed to ride this event.  There will be no gate or sign-up fee, but we'll have a donation jar out.  Your bike must have trials tires and riders must wear motorcycle boots and helmet.  No bicycle helmets, please.  Pets are okay to bring but please keep them on a leash.  Minors, under 18 must sign the minor release forms.  I will post a link here soon so they can be downloaded ahead of time. 

If you would like more information about our Gate Trials, you can text me at 443-821-6154 or email me at
This page was last updated: November 26, 2022
Jason Mankey takes second place at our June 26 Gate Trial in Mt. Airy with 371 points.