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To the best of my knowledge, all scores and the updated standings are now posted.  I have posted the "tentative" 2017 Year-end Award Winners Here.  Before you check them, the criteria for earning a year-end award is that you need to finish as least five events in the same class to trophy in that class, and you must get credit for checking at least one event.  Beyond that, since we count your best nine finishes, your "points" will reflect that.  So, if you had more than nine finishes, we only counted the points from the best nine.  We had several ties this season.  Each tie was broken by whomever had the lesser number of finishes to accumulate their points.  Awards are tentative at this time incase someone did not get credit for checking and therefore they are not listed.  If you did not get credit for checking this season please contact me and let me know which event you checked.  After about one week I will make the awards final.

I would like to offer my thanks and appreciation to everyone who helped make this season very successful, whether through participation, or especially by helping to set up and run one of our events.  Participation this year set a record high.   We are looking forward to next season, trying to determine what needs to be fixed or changed and what is working and needs to stay.  Like life, our series is in a constant flux, so we are trying to adjust accordingly.  One thing we will try to keep at the center of MAT is keeping it fun for everyone, while challenging our riders as much or as little as they like.  I don't expect a lot of changes next season, but we will continue to stress to hosts that sections should be set up for vintage bikes and for riders of average ability in each class.  Though the number of Modern riders continues to outgrow the number of Vintage riders, it is my firm belief that one of the main draws to our series is our "Vintage Oriented" sections, especially our adherence to the "no stop" rule.  We will continue to stress making sections that challenge without intimidating riders.

We have a tentative schedule for 2018, though a few of the events are still subject to change.  The Taylorsville event will be replaced with a new event, up the road just a few miles from Taylorsville.  Tricky Tryalers will move their date and event site to June 10 at Dave Bardell's place, a few miles further north of Marysville.  Durty Dabbers is also moving their location for 2018 to a much more"Vintage friendly"  area.  Date set for their event is: October 27.  So far, we have thirteen events scheduled for next season.  We still have one other club in Maryland that would like to host an event.  There are perhaps two or three dates available to them, and we'll update you later as we see if this comes to fruition.

As every year we inevitably see change, this season has been one of change for me.  This is the first season since 1994 that I have not competed.  Due to the change of old age (physically), I'll be reducing my role in MAT to more of a managerial one.   However, I will be placing more responsibility on the hosting clubs concerning scoring.  For 2018, all hosting clubs will be responsible for finalizing and double-checking scores before submitting them for posting, and in a timely manner.  This was my biggest head ache for 2017.

For next season I am proposing that we give points and a place in the standings, even to non-members.  If they do not join MAT by the end of the season, at that time they will be removed from the standings so members are only completing against other members.  Also, I'm going to drop Life-membership enrollment.  Don't worry, life-members will remain life-members as long as MAT exists.

I will propose at our annual meeting (set for January 14 at this time)  that we increase the number of finishes to qualify for a year-end award for 2018.  Our criteria for this number has been that it is at least one less than half the number of events that season.  With thirteen to fourteen events scheduled next season, I believe the number should be moved from five to six.  While we want to reward those who participate in the most events each year, we still hope to award year-end placement to our best riders.  With that in mind, my thoughts are to again, count our member's nine best finishes for year-end standings.

So, without further ado, here is the tentative schedule for Mid-Atlantic Trials events for 2018

Sunday, April 8      Candytown
Saturday, May 5     White Rose
Sunday, May 20      Shepherdstown
June 2 and 3           Toronto
Sunday, June 10      Tricky Tryalers
Sunday, July 1         Mt. Airy
Saturday, August 4  Toronto
Sunday, August 19   Dover
Sunday, Sept. 23      New Windsor
Sunday, Oct. 14       Airville
Saturday, Oct. 27     Durty Dabbers
Sunday, Nov. 4        Granogue

If we add another event it will need to be on one of these dates: April 22, July 15, or September 2.         

I'm still working on my year-end "rambling" about this season and where I'd like to see us head.  Perhaps the above will suffice.  I hope everyone has a great off-season, stays healthy, and that we see you again next year.

Roger Annable

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Jason Mankey is seen here at our New Windsor event aboard his Yamaha TY 175.
Updated December 1, 2014
Updated December 1, 2014
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