Thanks to all who came out to ride my Taylorsville Gate Trial.  The weather was perfect for Trials and barely a sweaty helmet was seen.  With a jump in riders from last year's 25 to this year's 40, that encourages me to continue to host this type of event.  The main issue from a competitors' perspective is that self-scoring or partner scoring isn't always accurate.  Fortunately, few seemed to be concerned about their score, and as I had hoped, the focus for the day was on having fun, challenging yourself and socializing with friends and other riders.  In the future, I hope to enlist checkers for each section, as the checkers we did have at a few sections, were scoring riders and also showing those who were unfamiliar with Gate Trials, different options through the sections that suited their abilities.  So I will continue to fine tune this event, as I learn new things each season. 

Next year we'll try the same date, the day before Memorial Day, since it did not interfere with other local events and provided a good turnout.  I managed to take a few photos and I'll be posting them here, and a few on Facebook, as I have time.  

Scores are posted below, though quite a few riders either did not score themselves or decided not to post their scores.

This page was last updated: June 2, 2023
We had a beautiful day for our Vintage Gate Trial in Taylorsville, MD.  About forty riders came, most to compete, and some just to practice and play.  Above is Mike Hightman, who had a pretty good day, scoring a respectable 290 points out of a possible 360.
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I'll be adding a few more soon.  Special thanks to all the Vintage Class riders, almost as many as Modern Class riders.