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What's New for Mid-Atlantic Vintage Trials?
Updated December 26, 2011
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This page was last updated: June 18, 2019
Lewie Bolopue of the Durty Dabbers is a top competitor in Vintage One class on his Honda Reflex, seen here at White Rose.
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Please note:  I could use some help on Saturday with last minute preparations for the trial on Sunday.  Call me at 410-635-6722 if you can lend a hand.  There will be ten sections and we will run three loops.  However, there will be no DNF's.  Riders can stop at any time and hand in their score card.  Sign-up will be from 10 to noon and riders may begin immediately after sign-up if they like.  Food will be available at 4PM when the event will end.

Thanks to input from Greg Myers, gates with white ribbon attached that designate an obstacle, will have the points/split cards at the far end of the gate.

To check at our Mt. Airy Trial contact Jeff Layer via email (jefflayer@eaton.com) to check at Mt. Airy.

    Minor Release forms for 2019 are now available from a PDF file.  Riders under 18 years of age will need their parents to sign one form, and minors have another form to sign.
    Minors DO NOT sign the adult waiver at the gate or at sign-up.  We encourage parents of minors (17 years old and younger) to download and fill out the Minor Release               Forms for all 2019 events so they need not fill out release forms at each event.  These forms can be sent to me as an email attachment before the season starts,                                  (midatlantictrials@comcast.net) or you can bring them to any event.  Please note that some clubs are still asking for the Minor release forms at their event despite these forms       being already on file.  They are supposed to put this on their flyer.  My plan is to create a pdf file with all Minor Release forms I have received and make them available to             each hosting club.

Our next event is at my place near Taylorsville, MD.  As most of you know it will be our first ever gate trial, and we'll have special classes for older trials bikes as well.  At the risk of being overly redundant I have uploaded another video of a section walk-through to help familiarize our riders with gate style sections.  And I want to reiterate some of the things that will be different from our usual trials.  First, sign-up will begin at 10:00AM and end at noon.  Riders may begin riding sections immediately after signing up.  So, there will be no official riders' meeting.  I will most likely do sign-up and will try to answer any and all questions.  Beyond that, I hope to have "helpers" at some of the sections who can give further guidance.  Riders may attempt or not attempt any gate within a section.  It is up to the rider to decide his/her route from entry to exit, choosing to go through gates they believe they can make without footing, etc...  We'll have ten sections and three loops, but there will be no DNFs.  Whenever you choose to stop riding, just hand in your score card.  Also, riders will mark their own scores at the ends of each section and will also mark their loop score after each loop on the sign-up sheet at the sign-up table.  We'll be working with the "Honor System".  Basic rules will be posted at some of the sections for those of you with memories like my own.  We will end the trial at 4:00PM or earlier if all have finished.  As mentioned earlier, I have one more video to share of a walk through of section #5 here.  My video skills being minimal, it starts out of focus, and the camera is hand-held and therefore, like myself, a bit shaky.  Contact me with any questions or to let me know if you would like to help at the event.  It will be possible to help for a while and then ride, and of course, all helpers will get a free 30 year anniversary Tshirt.  Here is the video link https://youtu.be/ad-80n7UP90  .

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Photos above are of various split or gate markers for the gate trial at Taylorsville.   Numbers on the markers are of points earned by "cleaning" the gate, which means your whole bike must pass the obstacle denoted by the marker to earn its point(s).   A small number at the top of the marker is there to help "pair" markers.  Easier gates are worth one point and harder ones are worth two points.  An "X" on a marker means you cannot go through that gate.  Total possible points earned in a section will be between five and ten.  If you make it through the section without footing, etc... you earn one more point exiting the section.  You stop earning gate points once you foot, fall, stop, etc..., but you do not lose points already earned in that section.  Riders should study each section to choose the obstacles they want to try and to plan their route from entry to exit.  New and novice riders should not expect to earn more than about three points per section, while the best riders should earn the maximum or close to the maximum points.  I will be enlisting people to help at some of the sections.  You will score yourself at the stations beyond each section, and we encourage you to have someone watch you ride each section to let you know how many points you earned.  This will no doubt be confusing at first, but after riding a few sections the confusion should wane.   MAVT members are known for helping their fellow riders, and I expect this to be the case throughout the day.
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