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What's New for Trials in the Mid-Atlantic Region?
For 2019 Brandon Weary is the First Place winner in MAT's Modern 1 Class,  seen here at Mt. Airy, MD.
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With the formation of a new Gate Trial series, we have placed a button to the left for more information about the new series.

MAVT's annual meeting was held on January 19 at Jeff Hightman's.  Minutes from that meeing, as well as their new membership form, are now posted.  Click the "MAVT, Inc Info." button to the left to view these.  Note:  All aspiring members of MAVT Inc should check out the new membership form as it is significantly different from years past.

We have added dates for the Gate Trials at the Miller Ranch in Corning, NY to the schedule page.  We will be adding links for more information as it becomes available for all events on the "Local and National Trials" page.

The date for the Gate Trial in Taylorsville, MD has been changed from June 14 to June 21 due to conflict with the National Trial in Ohio.  We are adding another Gate Trial in Taylorsville, MD on August 30.  In between these will be our New Windsor event on July 12.

Tentative schedules for MAVT Inc., MAT, MRT, Nationals and District 6 are being posted.  More will be posted as we receive more information.

For the winter months I'll be restoring Vintage class bikes and working on others' trials bikes, doing tuning work in particular and maintenance and rebuilding work in general.  Anyone wishing to upgrade carburetion with an OKO 'D' slide carburetor, or their ignition system with an Electex World electronic ignition can have installation and 'dial in' for free with the purchase of either of these items.  Contact me for details.  

We currently have four bikes for sale on the Free Classified page: including a 1975 Yamaha TY 175, a 1984 Merlin 350 and a Beta TR 35.  Click the button for "Free Clasified" to see them.

We have added a page of Trials accessories for sale.  These include shocks, grips, throttles, fuel hose, levers, Renthal bars and more.  We will add more items as they are requested.  Click the "Trials Accessories" button on the left of this page to see what we have.

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