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What's New for Mid-Atlantic Vintage Trials?
I'll be posting photos from New Windsor at the bottom of this page.  Click on the thumbnails for the full size photo.

Our event in Airville/Delta, PA is Sunday.  A flyer is posted.  Use the button for Flyers above.

For those of you unfamiliar with MAVT's history, I've posted a brief history Here.

Fifty riders braved the rainless day at the rescheduled New Windsor event.  Scores and Updated Standings are now posted.  We had one rider who's score card was Mod 4, but who signed up in Mod 3.  He was previously placed in Mod 4, but is now in Mod 3, so it has changed a few places, especially in Mod 3.

Next season:  For 2019 we will be working on tightening the parameters concerning section design.  Our rules state they should be designed to take one or two points from the average vintage rider of that line.  They should take approximately thirty seconds to complete and no more than forty-five.  They should not have obstacles that are considered dangerous.  Splits and boundaries should be clearly marked.  I'm hoping we will appoint "Safety Officers" within each club, who will have the responsibility and authority to correct any sections which fall outside of our set parameters.  To insure this all sections should be test ridden, preferably on Vintage class bikes by as many riders as possible until the Safety Officer gives his/her approval.

We will also be experimenting with gate trials as a part of the series.  The main reason for this is that it allows riders to choose the obstacles they want to attempt and avoid those that intimidate them.  I'm now in the process on converting all sections at my place to gate sections so that anyone can try them to see how a gate trial works and if this type of event appeals to them.  These gate trials should be a bit more relaxed.  There is the possibility of peer checking, and if this is used, we can have earlier starts and more time to complete the event.  Rather than having a set start time, riders could start when they want with at least one "buddy".  There will be no DNFs as you will accumulate points, finishing or stopping when you want.  There will be a designated stop time as in our regular events.  As in our events now, we will use the "no-stop" rule, loss of forward momentum will be limited to one second.  You will not be allowed to cross your line or go through a gate in the wrong direction.  Each gate will be worth one point with possibly a couple of two point gates, with a maximum of between 5 and ten points that any rider can accumulate in each section.  So far I've been able to easily convert my sections to gate sections in which no more than ten points can be earned.  I'll be working to see if I can get that number down to five and still have interesting sections.  Again, this is experimental.  My place will be available for all to come and try gate sections and hopefully give their honest feedback and ideas.

I've just been informed that Kelly Hohenadal, our good friend and Tom Beck's "significant other", has been involved in a serious car accident in which she received multiple injuries to her neck, hips and arm.  We ask that you keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  Evidently, she has a long road ahead of physical therapy, but hopefully will make a full recovery.  For more information about Kelly you can contact Tom at 717-577-0482.

  All members will need to finish six events in any one class to qualify for a year-end award.  They will also need to check at one event.   To determine placement we will add the points earned from your best nine finishes in each class.  Non-members will have their points accrued as well, but will be eliminated as year-end award winners if they do not join MAT by the last event of the season.

Sunday, April 8            Candytown MC @ Elizabethtown, PA
Saturday, May 5          White Rose MC @ Jefferson, PA
Sunday, May 20           R&T MC @ Shepherdstown, WV
June 2 and 3               OVBSAOC @ Toronto, Ohio
Sunday, June 10          Tricky Tryalers @ Millerstown, PA
Sunday, July 1            Black Ankle Trial @ Mt. Airy, MD
Saturday, August 4     OVBSAOC @ Toronto, Ohio
Saturday, August 25    SPOTR @ Dover, PA
Sunday, Oct. 7         Maryland Trials Riders @ New Windsor, MD
Sunday, Oct. 14         Twilight Farms @ Airville, PA
Saturday, Oct. 27       Durty Dabbers @ McElhattan, PA
Sunday, Nov. 4          Tri-State Trialers @ Centreville, DE

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Alex Myers takes first place in Vintage 1 Class, seen here in section 1 at New Windsor, MD.
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