We are all set to go with our gate trial at Taylorsville, MD.  We have eight Vintage friendly, technical sections that offer easier gates for new riders and some more difficult gates for more advanced riders.  These are meant to mostly challenge the basics, like turns and off-camber hillsides.  We have a mixture of logs, rocks, mud and more for your enjoyment.  Though there will be four loops, riders can stop at any time and hand in their score.  There won't be any DNFs.  No memberships are needed and there will be no gate or sign up fees.  A donation jar will be on the sign-up table.  We'll feed everyone at the end of the event with pizza or fried chicken, nothing fancy.  ( I haven't forgotten you, Dave (Carl)).  Results will be posted on the score board and on this site.  Perhaps more importantly, we will have checkers at most, if not all, of the sections.  Riders will still write down their score after each section, but the checker will keep score so riders don't have to while riding the sections.  I may post the basics of a gate trial at each section for new riders unfamiliar with this type of trial.  If you are a new rider or new to gate trials there will be plenty of riders willing to help.  Focus is on having fun, and perhaps beating your buddy's score.
This page was last updated: May 12, 2024
Jason's better half, Donna is at Taylorsville in 2009 on the tricky turn that even took points from Jason.
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