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What's New for Trials in the Mid-Atlantic Region?
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MAVT's event by Maryland Trials Riders at New Windsor, MD on September 20 has been cancelled.
MAVT's Shepherdstown event, that was rescheduled for August 30, has now been cancelled.

Due to the pandemic, I will be mailing out year-end awards for 2019.  If you erned a year-end award last year, just email me (usaoko@comcast.net) your address and I'll send it via Priority Mail.

I have received the placements from Airville, but no scores.   Click for Modern  Vintage    Standings

Questions concerning scores and standings can be asked of Greg Myers, myers.gm@gmail.com

OVBSAOC has cancelled their August event, consequently reducing the number of events needed to qualify for a year-end award from five to four.  Further cancellations will reduce the number even more should they arise.

I have posted release forms for MAVT on their page, as well as a Covid-19 release form.  Sign-up forms are now posted as well.

We have added a page of Trials accessories for sale.  These include shocks, grips, throttles, fuel hose, levers, Renthal bars and more.  We will add more items as they are requested.  Click the "Trials Accessories" button on the left of this page to see what we have.

This page was last updated: August 9, 2020
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Jordi Trey put on a show after his school at Taylorsville, MD.  Lots of faith at work here, but still the family jewels get some protection.
Photo courtesy of Gerald Mangosong/Vibez Photography.
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