2018 Event Forms For Hosting Clubs and Members
There are two Minor Release Forms for the 2018 season.
One is a parental release form and the other is the minor's acknowledgement of risk.
Both forms are for any and all MAT events in 2018.
Once filled out, minors are on record for the season and will not need to fill them out again. 
If they are listed on the 2018 Members List, it means those forms have been completed and I have them on record.
The form below is the Waiver of Liability Form that all workers, competitors and guests need to sign as they enter the event property.
This form need only be signed once, upon arrival and does not need to be signed at "sign-up".  It can be downloaded as a PDF or a Word document
Click To Download This PDF File
Anyone not on the "Membership List" will need to fill out the "Become a Mid-Atlantic Trials Member" form.
Riders may join for "Life", for the "2017 Series", or ride as a "Non-member".  Fees are listed on the form.
Click To Download This Excel Folder
Click To Download This Word Document (doc.)
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Click To Download This PDF File
Sign-Up sheets are available in two formats, PDF and XLSX. 
If you are using a computer for scoring you will want to download the xlxs file.
If you want to print out the sign-up forms for riders to fill out, download and print the PDF file. 
We recommend you print two copies for "overflow" in some classes
You will need the "2018 Membership List" to determine who needs to join or pay to ride as a non-member.
Anyone already on this list has already paid for membership, either for life or for 2018.
This list is in html format and can be right clicked to preview or print.
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If Minor has not filled out a release form for the whole season, this 'Single Event' form can be filled out instead.
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