2019 Event Forms For Hosting Clubs/Persons
For 2019 we have simplified the downloading of forms by placing all forms in a PDF file.  That way, you can select from the PDF file the pages and amounts of each page you need to print out.   If you will be using a laptop at your event and would like the Excel file for Sign-up, it is also downloadable here.
Anyone not on the "Membership List" will need to fill out the "Become a Mid-Atlantic Trials Member" form.
Riders may join for "Life", for the "2017 Series", or ride as a "Non-member".  Fees are listed on the form.
Click To Download This Word Document (doc.)
Click To Download This PDF File
Click To Download This PDF File
You will need the "2018 Membership List" to determine who needs to join or pay to ride as a non-member.
Anyone already on this list has already paid for membership, either for life or for 2018.
This list is in html format and can be right clicked to preview or print.
Click To Download This Word Document (doc.)
Excel file is 2010 and has all sign-up forms, which can be edited, have data placed directly into them, or be printed out.

The PDF file has the Adult Waiver form, event specific and 2019 Minor Release forms, all Sign-up forms and the Non-member form.
These should be all the forms needed for your event.  You can print from the online file or right click and select "Save Target as" to save the file.

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