2021 Event Forms for Mid-Atlantic Vintage Gate Trials
To participate in our Vintage Gate Trials, adults will need to sign the standard "Waiver".
A guardian of a minor will need to fill out the "Minor Release" form, and minors will need to fill out the "Minor's Assumption of Risk" form.  These will be available at the events, but can also be downloaded here and sent to mid-atlantictrials@comcast.net as an attachment, ahead of the event date.   Riders will also be able to pre-pay for the event, eliminating the need to sign forms and pay upon arrival.  They will just need to get their "number" at the sign-up table in order to compete.
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Rider Registration
Date of Event
Rider's Name
Year, Make, Model of Cycle
Riders may preregister for our June 27 and September 12 events at any time.  No preregistration for the New Windsor event on April 11.  If more than one family member wishes to register, the cost is $25.00 for the first family member and $20.00 for additional family members.  This savings is available through preregistration and the day of the event.  If the event is cancelled for any reason, the cost of registration will be refunded in full.  Families with Modern bikes are welcome as long as at least one family member competes on a  Vintage or Relics Class Trials bike.  Be sure to tell us the years, makes and models of competing motorcycles.  Please note:  Our cutoff for number of riders at our Taylorsville events is 50.  Preregistration will ensure your participation.