OKO Kits for Suzukis
Suzuki carburetors were not jetted quite right from the factory, and over time, many of the flanges have become warped, causing slides to stick.  The OKO kit includes the flange mount adapter, and the 26mm K-101 provides the RL 250 with quicker response and better over-all power.  We also provide a simple airbox boot adapter that slips over the end of the stock airbox hose and onto the OKO intake.
Flange to spigot adapter as included in RL 250 kit
Mounted adapter (heat block later added)
K-101 mounted with adapter and airbox hose adapter.
OKO 24mm in place for trial. Ultimately switched to 26mm
OKO-K-101 Carburetor Kit For:
Suzuki RL 250 Trials
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This kit, for the Suzuki RL 250 Trials bike, replaces the OEM flange mount Mikuni carburetor. The 26mm OKO K-101 comes pre-jetted and includes the manifold adapter and airbox hose sleeve.  Use your existing cable.  
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Suzuki PE175 Kit
One of our customers has helped us develop this carburetor kit for the Suzuki PE 175.  In this case, it is a 1981 model.  The kit includes a new manifold sleeve and a sleeve for the airbox hose which will need to be cut back about half an inch.  Extra jets are also included for fine tuning.  The 30mm OKO will provide extra puch for the Suzuki, particularly in the low to mid-range power.
OKO-K-101 Carburetor Kit For:
Suzuki PE 175
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Suzuki RL 250 Trials Kit
Suzuki DR200 Kit
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After helping others with fitting an OKO carburetor on their DR200s we finally had one brought to us.  We are using a 24mm K-103 (curved top) jetted for the 200.  The kit also includes a sleeve for inserting into the manifold, two extra pilot jets and two extra main jets for fine tuning and a sleeve to connect to the air box.  You will also need a throttle cable or at least the inner cable since the slide end won't fit the OKO.  Other than that, the petcock should be changed to a gravity fed one and you may need a longer fuel hose. 
OKO-K-103 Carburetor Kit For:
Suzuki DR200
This universal throttle cable kit from Venhill comes with everything needed to create your own custom throttle cable.   Outer housing and wire are over 4' long with an array of fittings.  Slide end is already attached and a solderless throttle end is included

Throttle Cable Kit Options
Venhill Universal Throttle Cable