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We have kits available for the SSR SR150 and SR189.  These Chinese bikes come way over carbureted from the factory and are often hard to start with lean spots.  We offer the 24mm for both engines, just jetted slightly differently, that come with the curved top and extra jets for elevation changes.  It is a direct fit into the manifold.  The air box hose also fits nicely.  The cable choke on the SSRs can replace the pull choke on the OKO.  It also fits nicely.  This carburetor will give you much better throttle response and much added power, especially in low to mid-range.  Starting is much improved as well and the idle is smooth. 
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This engine (Zongshen NC300) uses either the 34mm or the 32 mm depending on whether you want top end or better bottom end.  Our test bike was fitted with a 34mm but had a slight miss when hitting full throttle hard from idle.  Other than that it ran great.  We believe the 32mm will eliminate that and give slightly better bottom end while losing a little top end.  You choose which you want and we will jet it accordingly.  This carburetor fits into the manifold boot and uses the air box boot from the 2020 and earlier models.
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Kit comes with a curved top and extra jets for fine tuning.  If you ride above 4,500' let us know and we will jet slightly leaner.