Become an MAVT Member for 2019
The cost to join Mid-Atlantic Vintage Trials at one of our events is $30.00 for the 2019 season and payment is with cash only.  Non-members will pay an extra $10.00 at sign-up at each event, so if you plan to ride more than three events, MAVT membership will save you some money and it helps MAVT with trophy and operating expenses.

However, if you join MAVT here, the cost is $25.00 and paid with Paypal.  So if you join here it will save you $5.00 and help sign-up at our events move a little quicker.

Joining Mid-Atlantic Vintage Trials for 2019 is offered here for $25.00.  Payment is through Paypal, but those of you without a Paypal account can choose the option of paying with a credit card.