Honda GY6 and other motors for scooters and pit bikes.
Carburetor size for these small cc motors, between about 100cc and 250cc, vary quite a bit from 19mm to 28 or 30mm, depending of the size of the motor, modifications to the motor, such as porting, valve size and compression ratio, as well as the exhaust system and even the air intake.  In order to choose the correct carburetor and jetting for these motors, we give you the option of telling us the size carburetor and jetting you need, if known, or giving us the motor, its size and all modifications.  If you give us the motor's size, etc... we will provide you with the size carburetor and jetting we believe is correct for best performance.  We also invite you to call us at 410-635-6722 and give us this information by phone.  Once you instal the carburetor and dial it in, we will work with you for no extra charge, changing jetting or carburetor size until you are fully satisfied.  Choose below how to order your carburetor.
I know the size carburetor and jetting I want. 
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Size Carburetor Wanted
Jets and Needle if known
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