Fantic 200
Our first opportunity to fit a Fantic with an OKO D slide carburetor came with this Fantic 200 Trials.  The kit is easy to install, giving the Fantic the typical results of the K-100 series, smooth idle and running, excellent power delivery and instant response.  The kit comes with an angled top, needed to clear the silencer, and an airbox sleeve which fits over the existing airbox hose.  The stock hose is just cut back about half an inch.  We found the stock throttle cable a little short of free cable so we used a Venhill Universal cable kit.  These are high quality cables and they are of a larger diameter than the stock cable.  We offer these with the kit at a reduced price if the cable is needed.
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Throttle Cable Kit Options
Fantic 200 kit includes the carburetor with a curved top and an airbox boot sleeve.  It is jetted for the Fantic 200 and comes with extra jets for fine tuning
The stock throttle cable does not have quite enough free length so we offer the Venhill Universal Cable kit here at a reduced price.