We are the home of Mid-Atlantic Vintage Trials, promoters of MAVT series events, and USA-OKO, suppliers of OKO Carburetors and other Trials competition products.  On our site, you'll find information about our trials series, which promotes events for all trials bikes, both modern as well as vintage.  There is also much information about OKO D slide carburetors and their use, particularly on vintage trials bikes.  Our goal is to provide anyone wishing to ride trials with events that focus on fun as well as competition, and to help fellow trials riders to keep their older trials bikes competitive so they can focus on riding them more than maintaining them.  We invite you to come in and look around.  If you are new to trials, or just have questions, there are several places within the site to contact us.  Check our schedule of events and come out to see who we are and what we're all about.
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Bob Bilson is one of our better Modern #2 line riders.  He's in section #2 at New Windsor.