Welcome to the Mid-Atlantic Trials website.   We are the promoters for the MAVT, Mid-Atlantic Vintage Trials series.    Our observed trials events are vintage oriented; we use the "no-stop" rules of the seventies, and design our sections with older, twinshock bikes in mind. However, we welcome, and have classes for all trials bikes, old and new.  We are not observed trials for the very best riders.  We are trials for the rest of us, who still want to challenge ourselves, but with the emphasis on having fun.
MAT is an independent, self-sufficient organization.  Our events are self-sanctioned and insured, and riders need not belong to any other organization to compete in our events.  Membership in Mid-Atlantic Trials is not necessary, but saves the rider money at sign-up.
Here, you will find our schedule of events, scores and results from those events, as well as event photos, projects, links, and anything trials related that we can think of to amuse and assist new and seasoned riders alike.
We invite you to take a look at our web site, and better yet, come to one of our events, so you can see for yourself, what we're all about.
If you have any questions about our organization or our events, you can contact us through the text box below.
Contact Information.
Jason Mankey in section #1 at our Taylorsville, MD event, July 2, 2017.